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At iMovo, we believe that the answer to business growth lies in truly understanding your customers, how they are interacting with your organisation and the value they are contributing, as well as how you are creating value for them.

As a leader in the fields of Customer Experience Management (CEM), Business Intelligence (BI) and Big Data Analytics, iMovo helps organisations achieve insight in the customer value chain, behaviour and expectation, to empower them to plan and execute profitable multi-channel strategies aimed at meeting the customer needs of today and the future.

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JIRA: The Project Leader’s Best Friend

If you currently face project management issues, I highly recommend considering JIRA. Without it I know I’d feel the dread: three weeks in, we would be swirling in a cauldron of unfinished tasks from one sprint and a fresh batch of new tasks to be added to another.
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The Missing Piece of your Modern Consumer 360°

This article shall attempt to provide a number of hints as to how an organisation can offset the difficulty of developing an effective customer profile through an efficient and effective support process.
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Betting on Customer Support: Zendesk and iGaming

Quick, easy, and effective constitute the cornerstone of any successful business; however, they take on a greater importance in the highly competitive and impulse-driven iGaming industry. Let's take a look at two Zendesk features that can turbocharge iGaming customer support.

Zendesk and Google Play: Turning Reviews Into Tickets

Your Zendesk can be extended to Google Play Reviews by installing a first party app. This will then connect to your Google Play Developer account and a ticket is created for every review posted on your app’s Play Store listing.
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And How Can I Assist You Today, Sir?

What are Chatbots? How do they work? Discover how Facebook Messenger and Zendesk are using chatbots to help businesses enrich their customers’ journeys.

The Zen of Social Customer Support

That the “the customer is always right” continues to haunt the corporate world to the delight to customers who seek to get the best out their hard-earned money. But it is progressively getting worse in the age of personal mass communication as customers easily resort to digital and social media if they don’t get it immediately right...
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What is Big Data?

If you’re trying to figure out what Big Data is – you really need to stop. Stop and think, that is. Big Data can’t be defined by the size or speed of the data, but rather than by the opportunity it can create for you. It’s a state of the mind, more than it is a state of the art technology...


Thanks to iMovo we have managed to optimize the use of Zendesk customer service tool. Their professional and friendly service has brought us better understanding of the tool and helped us to fully utilize different reporting options Zendesk provides.

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