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Help achieving a 360-degree view of businesses and customers by providing powerful insight for key strategic decisions and tools to act on them.

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At iMovo, we believe that the answer to business growth lies in truly understanding your customers, how they are interacting with your organisation and the value they are contributing, as well as how you are creating value for them.

As a leader in the fields of Customer Experience Management (CEM), Business Intelligence (BI) and Big Data Analytics, iMovo helps organisations achieve insight in the customer value chain, behaviour and expectation, to empower them to plan and execute profitable multi-channel strategies aimed at meeting the customer needs of today and the future.

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“Together with the professional and friendly support of iMovo, we improved the efficiency of our consumer service by creating a bespoke solution for Zendesk with the CRM integration.”

Dolores Vincenzo
Dolores VincenzoLead Corporate Consumer Service at Dr SchärRead the Success Story

“iMovo’s technical expertise has helped us provide our users with a better experience. We are now in a better position to serve our users and provide them with additional information that will ultimately enable them to make more informed and timely decisions based on data.”

Karen Micallef
Karen MicallefHead of Business Intelligence Applications, LeoVegasRead the Success Story

“Working with iMovo has been so far a very positive experience. The team is highly experienced in their field of work. Their approach makes it very comfortable for us to work with them, and we appreciate that iMovo can provide us the flexibility we need. We hope that this relationship continues over time.”

Marco Mercieca
Marco MerciecaProject Manager, Trust Payments (Malta) LimitedRead the Sucess Story

“Thanks to iMovo we have managed to optimize the use of the Zendesk customer service tool. Their professional and friendly service has brought us a better understanding of the tool and helped us to fully utilize different reporting options Zendesk provides.”

Johanna Pyykonen
Johanna PyykonenHead of Customer Support, Hero GamingRead the Success Story

“The introduction of QlikView within GMI enabled faster decision making processes; reduced time to data visibility and discovery and above all empowered the data analysts to generate insights in a user-friendly and self-service environment minimizing dependencies on the IT department. iMovo understood our business needs and were instrumental in identifying the right tool for our business. They assisted in the implementation process, mentoring and training our developers so that reports and dashboards were up and running in no time. This has enabled us to become self-sufficient in Qlik development allowing us to design and implement future BI projects on our own.”

Marcon Vassallo
Marcon VassalloRisk and Management Information Manager, Gasan Mamo InsuranceRead the Success Story

“Thanks to Zendesk Chat we can now also understand how our website is being used – which pages are the ones that get most visits, how much time visitors spend on our website, how many times they get in touch with our agents and who they have been chatting with.”

Irene Vasilatou
Irene VasilatouCustomer Service Executive, ProtergiaRead the Success Story

“iMovo were recommended by Zendesk and took full ownership of managing the project and transition. Getting the set up right from day one was imperative for us, no company likes taking chances with their reputation and service quality. As is often the case with implementing new software, it can be overwhelming, to say the least. Having an experienced local representative on the other side of the desk helped save us a lot of time and experimentation. Till this day iMovo are still committed to training our team and developing our reporting to support our KPIs.”

Alan Brincat
Alan BrincatOperations Manager, Quasar GamingRead the Success Story

“The iMovo training was effective and the whole team quickly got used to Zendesk. It was also very easy to integrate third-party apps for calls, live chat, SMS and so on.”

Guillaume Garin
Guillaume GarinCEO, Wise BelugaRead all the Customer Success Stories

“From the very first moment, iMovo showed us the path to offer a better customer experience by helping us to utilize every aspect of Zendesk. The customers’ interaction became easier, faster and more reliable than ever for both sides. The analytical/reporting tools brought to the table the customers’ needs which resulted in Mars Group offering one of the best customer support services in the market.”

Safa Berkay Yigit
Safa Berkay YigitProject Manager, MarsbetRead the Success Story

“iMovo has proven to be a reliable partner, always fast and efficient with resolving any queries. They have taken the extra step to assist us in building the support side of the business.”

Robin Olsson
Robin OlssonCustomer Support and Payments Manager, BethardRead all the Customer Success Stories

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