4 Tips to Keep Your Blog Content Fresh

Here’s a well-known fact: As a company, your aim is to target your customers efficiently and effectively, keeping tabs with them and never wavering from your reputable image of good customer communications. Social media has proven to be the go-to tool for such a task, but there is a great need for consumers to be able to access a collection of relevant information and articles in one single place, without the need to scroll through dozens of photographs and comments before finding the desired post. And so the godly place coined a ‘web log’, better known as a ‘blog’, is still relevant in the world of AI and advanced technology.

Simply updating your blog constantly is not enough, though – the type of content you upload is key.  You’re tracking its performance, and have noticed that it is deviating from time to time, sometimes with a dramatic drop in unique page views or clicks. If trials like this befall you, never fear, for we’re here to give you the key to unlock a new door to innovation, keeping your blog fresh with 4 tips.

  1. Lots of Listicles

‘5 Things You Should See and Do In London’. ’10 Books You Have To Read This Year’. Do these title formats look familiar? We’re guessing they do. These articles are known as ‘listicles’ and are quickly becoming one of the most powerful forms of articles. They’re quick to read, making them ideal for a read-through on a bus ride to work or during lunch break. Using a list as a thematic structure, with headers followed by short and succinct paragraphs, these articles are visually enticing, encouraging one to read on. Read some of ours here and here, and, by the way, you’re actually reading a listicle at this very moment.

  1. Captivating Case Studies

Success stories are always a joy to read, and having some about your past work can be beneficial if a customer is evaluating the quality of your company’s work. Don’t be afraid to write about the good you did in your work, but beware of gloating. Stay humble – no one likes a narcissist.

  1. Intriguing Interviews

You could go on and on writing the ‘he said’ and ‘she said’, reporting past organised events and meetings with other companies or individuals. Take a different approach for variety – what will keep customers really interested is actually more personal views or, in other words, opinions and ideas in the form of an interview. Try getting an influencer in your field or somebody with an inspiring story, and come up with interesting questions to ask them. Once you come to write the actual post, shorten the interview, only including the most relevant points.

  1. We Don’t Need No Do Need Some Education

Informative articles are a break from those revolving around product promotion. Teach your readers (customers and potential customers alike) something. It could be anything, just as long as it remains relevant, but again, remain within the limits – no one likes a know-all either. Linking back to the first point, listicles are the perfect type of article to use when writing educational posts.


Hopefully, these tips have aided you in brainstorming your next few posts. The most important thing, as mentioned before, is not just to keep updating your blog, but to vary your posts and their subjects. Doing this will keep customers coming back for more, the first step to achieving loyalty and building relationships. If we were to sum this up in a single phrase, we’d say ‘innovation and variation’.