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Attaining Customer Loyalty

For retail businesses, increasing sales can occur by selling their products at heavily discounted prices. At first glance, this customer acquisition method seems to work. However, at the end it is grossly unsustainable and it does more harm than good to your business. You may make lots of sales, but hardly any of the cash translates to profits. Therefore, here are some reasons why customer loyalty is significantly important.

Become a Data Rock Star!

To meet this growing demand of more dynamic and customisable reports that are easily and rapidly available and reduce the time to get value, one approach involves setting up an environment in which information consumers can create and access their own sets of reports, queries and visual analytics themselves, with minimal intervention of IT specialists. This environment is what is being termed as Self-Service BI (SSBI).

You’re sitting on a goldmine… and you probably don’t know it!

A world once immersed in paper documents and cardboard files is now digital, where almost everything can be stored as numbers on a hard disk. Your collection of favourite musical pieces – ones and zeroes; classified documents – ones and zeroes; your shop inventory, your payroll system, your sales ledger – all ones and zeroes. No wonder data is being termed as the ‘gold of the 21st century’.