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5 Common Barriers to CRM Success and How to Overcome Them

The notion of CRM is becoming an important focus for every organisation’s corporate strategy to enable the creation and development of customer relationships. The predominant concept is that a customer’s life-time value can be optimised when deeper relationships are formed between carefully-targeted customers and the respective organisations.

Following, are some of the most common barriers to implementing a CRM strategy and some advice in terms of overcoming them to make the most of a CRM investment.

How your Company can Turn Leads into Customers

As mere humans, we feel like the world revolves around us. We are the “stars” in our show. As customers, we don’t feel much different – we have come to expect personalised and individual experiences. Business owners who are constantly striving to create a long-lasting relationship with their customers should certainly keep this in mind.

Extending Zendesk’s Functionality

Over 450,000 companies use Zendesk as their support platform. These companies have support teams of all sizes, ranging from 2 to over 100 customer support agents and come from various industries including telecommunications, retail and healthcare.
The reason that Zendesk is used by organisations of such varying sizes and requirements, is that despite its simple interface, it is extremely customisable.

The Power of Great Customer Service

“It costs 6-7 times more to acquire a new customer than to retain an existing one.” This statistic, as reported by Bain and Company, is one of the most popularly quoted statistics related to the importance of customer retention.

Giving Your Online Reputation a Boost by Managing Social Media More Efficiently

Social media is not only a great marketing channel, but it has also become a popular platform for customers to publicly share their comments, questions and experiences. Due to the rapid growth of social media, customer comments have a very powerful effect on potential customers, and can be very harmful to a company’s reputation. Organisations who give their customers the opportunity to share their comments publicly, need to regularly monitor their social media profiles as response time is critical.