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RPA – Why Process Automation can Transform Your Business?!

One of the most exciting developments of the past decade has been the advancements in artificial intelligence and automation more generally.  More and more routine tasks and processes are becoming candidates to hand over to machines, freeing us up to work on higher-value things. The most accessible and approachable form of this is something called […]

Portugal commits to Digital Transformation and opens opportunities

Digital transformation is a key driver of the transition from the industrial era to an era of connected and intelligent products. It has emerged as a phenomenon that contributes to this transition, causing a great impact on organizations and society in Portugal.  The Public Administration Digital Transformation Strategy up to 2020 summarizes the Government vision […]

Top 5 digital transformation trends for success in 2021 and beyond

Technology is rapidly changing and transforming the way we live and work today. To thrive in today’s work environment, companies and businesses should consider replacing traditional technology with more robust digital tools to help maintain efficiency and productivity. Moreover, this would help them stay ahead of the competition and relevant to existing customers while gaining […]

Artificial Intelligence – From Server to Table

AI can customize the experience for every customer and give the customers the assistance they need and deserve. Thanks to AI, you not only have a powerful customer and employee support set of solutions in your hands but an added marketing tool as well. Companies today need to take the next step and implement AI tools in their customer support strategy.