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How to boost your business with Data Literacy

We’ve all heard that data has increased, mainly due to the advancement, availability and high usage of technology. Being able to access and understand as much of this data as possible, already indicates the value that someone, or a business, can get out of it. Nowadays, there are a lot of tools available to analyse data, most of which offer Artificial or Cognitive Intelligence to help even further by automating part of the data analysis.

The relevance of Business Intelligence for Finance

A lot of people wonder why most Business Intelligence (BI) departments fall under the Finance and not Information Technology (IT) department. There was a time when I wondered too, especially when I was taught so during my studies.

Let’s start and try to explain this by looking at meetings. Don’t you get excited when you hear that you have a day full of meetings? Everyone would be eager for the moment when figures start appearing on presentations and not matching with each other’s reports. That is the ideal time to start playing Report Dungeons.

The Secret Lies of Statistics

Don’t trust the numbers. This is a very common advice that most people know but ignore. How many polls and ‘breakthroughs’ do you read or hear about? How many of that do you actually doubt or care enough to verify? Most probably the answer is a big ‘NONE’. This could either be because you’re too lazy to do so, do not have the time, or you just like to think that it is true.

Business Intelligence in Financial Services

Malta has started gaining momentum with regards to Business Intelligence (BI) investment. The Maltese market is quickly recognising how important this is and how much businesses such as financial services can gain with the implementation of BI solutions. It is therefore important that such companies exploit these solutions and try to get as much as they can from them. BI solutions must be used to help in daily decision making and not as a statistical tool at the end of each month or period.