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Azure Data Factory – Integrate all your data

In the age of Big Data, raw data is often disorganized and stored in disparate systems. While these bits of data are separated, their value is largely inaccessible to the companies that own it and their data specialists. In rare cases, this “silo” effect results in that data’s value being entirely lost. In 2018, Microsoft […]

5 Things to know before getting Einstein Analytics

The idea of being able to correctly predict things has been something of fascination to humans for quite some time; whether it’s ambiguous predictions of future events by Nostradamus or an octopus predicting World Cup results, the ability to make such projections has always been a major talking point. Businesses can also benefit from predictions […]

COVID-19 Data Storytelling

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is dominating all the news right now, and with over 400,000 people infected worldwide, it is understandable why this has been the case. We have seen nations deal with these outbreaks in many varying ways, although many have followed similar paths: first remaining calm, not believing it is much of a threat, before a sudden change of script with the themes of isolation, social distancing, and lockdowns.