Benefits of CRM in 2021

Why should your company use a CRM (customer relationship management) system in 2021? If you are wondering, you are in the right place. From improving customer relationships and collaboration between all your teams, CRM provides many benefits that you can take advantage of.

Make use of detailed data analytics

Collecting data is one aspect but interpreting and then using that data is key if you want to convert and retain your customers.

CRM platforms typically have built-in analytics that can contextualize your data. Analytics are used to break down data into easily understandable categories and correlations, meaning that your data then becomes actionable. For example, if you have data on your cart abandonment rate, your data items can be actionable in terms of sending follow up emails to customers who abandoned their carts.

Real-time online collaboration

A CRM system is a way to keep team members connected with each other. You can rely on “feeds” where you can keep everyone updated. Other systems give you a way to integrate CRM with chat tools. Additionally, all CRMs allow you to assign various levels of access to your employees depending on their roles. You can also customize your company dashboard and assign roles to your employees so that everyone knows what they are doing. There are several free platforms you can use for real-time online collaboration, including Microsoft Teams, Google Drive, and the Hubspot CRM basics package. However, if you are working with a large database of customer information or are starting to see your business grow rapidly, you would want to upgrade to paid CRM software, which provides a lot more functionality and depth.

A centralised database of customer information

Most CRM systems work as SAAS (software as a service), in this case you have advantage of saving data in the cloud instead of your computer, and it is in real-time. Another benefit of having a centralized database is that it avoids the risk of conflicting entries and possible double entries of the same data.

Efficient communication with customers and leads

By using CRM, you will be able to achieve better communication with your customers.

Your CRM system will be able to track the transactions and progress of each customer, and tasks can be assigned to your employees based on these transactions. For instance, you can assign one team to follow up on closing sales, and another to contact leads who have shown an interest in your product.

Provide better customer service

The best example of this is the use of customer information collected from sign-up emails, such as birthdays. Knowing things like this may seem trivial, but it gives you the chance to add a personal touch to your emails and online communication, either by sending customers automated “happy birthday” emails or even just calling them by their first names. Small things like this are what set you apart from the competition because it humanizes your business and shows your customers you care.

Increased efficiency with functional automation

Aside from automating the data collection function, your CRM system and its accompanying tools can also help you automate some of your business processes. For example, you can create email auto-responses that are tailor-made to the recipients. In fact, CRMs have AI functions that can smartly compose customized email auto-responses, including things like the customer’s name.

If you are looking to implement a CRM system or upgrade your existing one, you are in the right place. By understanding your company’s overall strategy for growth, we will be able to recommend the right CRM platform according to your needs. We also provide ongoing consultancy and training. Get in touch with us for a free consultation.