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Questions to ask before implementing a customer experience management program

Boosting customer experience (CX) is on every business’s to-do list these days, and it’s no surprise why. When faced with fierce competition, exceeding customer expectations by delivering superior value through overall customer experience can give a company a definite Unique Selling Point (USP).
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On proper business problem scoping

Problem solving comes before software development. The intricacies that businesses have, requires knowledge on many different domains; Domains which are way beyond the scoping of technology and are closely related to specific business operations and human behavior.

Project Management - Old Dog, New Tricks.

Mention the word “project” and more often than not this will conjure up images of dismal failure and fiascos. The popular press just loves to expose the demise of major projects through overspending and late delivery. More often than not such stories chronicle serious inefficiency and mismanagement on the part of those responsible for the implementation of the project.