Give a new lease of life to your business no matter how small. We are here to help you gain access to the latest available funds ‘Change to Grow 2021′ which have been launched by the Malta Enterprise. This Government funding scheme is designed to help SMEs optimise their performance, reach more customers and boost their profits. 

  • Are you eligible?

    All SMEs can gain access to a maximum of €10,000 to realign business activities, restructure employees, and enhance products or services. SMEs may also choose to optimise the technology being used and embrace greener practices. 

    These services may be used to address a shift in the business operations in a number of areas, such as: 

    • Digitisation of business processes;
    • Optimisation of performance / human resources; 
    • Improvements of process;
    • Customer Handling procedures;
    • Pricing analysis;
    • Market position.
  • How can we help?

    EMCS and iMovo have teamed up to offer you a comprehensive service covering the above-mentioned areas, including the optimisation of the use of technology to improve business processes. Together we aim to set you up for a profitable future through the provision of advisory and corresponding implementation services to address pertinent recommendations. 

    We will guide you through and support you to gain access to 5,000 to cover advisory services (Phase 1) in relation to the identified areas and an additional €5,000 to cover the implementation phase (Phase 2) in relation to the recommendations issued. 

  • What are your business needs?

    This grant will help you identify opportunities in your business so that you can improve your operations and achieve more.

    • Phase 1 provides you with advisory services to review your business processes, pricing, and market positioning.
    • Phase 2 of the grant may be used to cover investment costs such as:
      • Procurement of off-the-shelf software solutions
      • New subscriptions to Software As A Service (SAAS solutions – 1 year)
      • One-off services / initial engagements (3 months)
      • Investment costs in tangible assets

Let’s set up a meeting!

If you are interested in this scheme and would like us to further explain the process, get in touch.

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For more than 36 years EMCS has provided valued service to organisations with a focus on assisting them achieve their potential through the delivery of practical and innovative advice. We do that by delivering real insight through a combination of technical rigour, commercial experience and intuitive judgement.

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Change to Grow 2021

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