Your Passport to the world of Email Marketing

What do we mean when we say “email marketing”? In reality, any email that you send to someone for the purpose of marketing your business – even a single email sent from your inbox to a prospect alerting them of an upcoming sale – could be considered email marketing.

However, in this eBook, we are discussing email marketing on a slightly larger scale: the process of sending a sales or marketing email (usually in HTML format) to an entire list of recipients at the same time, tracking how the recipients interact with the email, and measuring the overall results of the campaign.

To accomplish this task, it is important to utilize an email marketing service such as ClickDimensions. With most standard email clients such as Outlook and Gmail, you can setup distribution lists or copy multiple recipients on an email, but these methods offer limited personalization options and virtually no way to track analytics. An email marketing solution can streamline the process of creating an HTML email, setting up and managing your marketing list, personalizing the content of your email to each recipient, and tracking the results of your email campaign.


Download: Your passport to the world of Email Marketing