Nurture Marketing

Nurture marketing. Lead nurturing. Drip marketing. You’ve heard the buzzwords, but what exactly are nurture programs, and – more importantly – how can they benefit your business? In its simplest form, nurture or “drip” marketing is the process of sending a series of communications (typically emails) to a prospect over a period of time in order to drive sales or generate interest in your product. However, by using marketing automation to produce and execute your nurture campaigns, you can do so much more.

Automated nurture programs include decision points and actions based on how the recipient interacts with your message, allowing for a very customized experience. By tailoring your nurtures to a specific audience and sending your messages at the right time, a nurture program can build rapport with your customers, increase trust in your brand, save valuable sales resources, and convert a higher percentage of leads into paying customers.

This eBook will highlight how to convert leads, close sales, and build customer trust using Marketing Automation and Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Download: Grow your business with Nurture Marketing