iMovo Runs Social Media Seminar at the University of Malta

The fact that social media is having a significant impact on the way we conduct business is undisputed. It is for this reason that iMovo recently organised a social media seminar in collaboration with the Department of Marketing at the University of Malta, titled ‘Making Sense of Social Media Data’.

The event, held at the Department of Marketing, and presented by Ms. Daniela Castillo and Mr. Pierre Mallia from iMovo, was very well attended by business students and industry professionals alike.

Ms Castillo pointed out how nowadays local businesses are increasingly using social media channels, such as Facebook, to market their businesses and to reach more customers. According to Ms Castillo, while social media use has become more prolific, social media analysis at a business level still needs to be generally improved.


Socionomix, a powerful social media analytics tool developed by iMovo was showcased during the event, enabling attendees to understand how such a tool can help organisations make sense of their social media efforts, while allowing them to benchmark their performance against key competitors.

Mr Pierre Mallia talked about the importance of innovation and highlighted how innovation is at the very core of iMovo, helping the company develop unique solutions to customer problems.


If you missed this event and wish to access the presentation material, the presentation slides can be downloaded from here.

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