Improving CX strategies results in delighted customers that are more likely to be retained

In a human-to-human world, businesses that still have not turned to a 360-customer centric approach must make the change. This is the path to thrive and be more flexible to context changes in 2022 and the years to come.  

In reality, this means improving your Customer Experience. What is the Customer Experience? CX is the sentiment that your customers carry about your brand. This perception is the result of all the experiences your customers have with your company at every touchpoint.  

Delighted customers are more likely to go back to you when they have a need. The chances that they become more loyal to your brand also increase. On the other hand, unsatisfied customers can spread their frustration, therefore causing irreparable damage to your brand image and consequently your revenue.  

And if we told you that 95% of purchase decisions made by consumers are based on their emotions? That is right! Outstanding CX drive these emotional connections, which drives sales. Now, what can you do to deliver such extraordinary experiences at every touchpoint? Here are the ways of improving your CX strategy. 

1. Prioritize Customer Journey Mapping 

Improving CX strategies Prioritize Customer Journey Mapping

Customer journey mapping is a user-focused process to understand the journey of your customers with your brand at every single contact point. 

A visual story, called a customer journey map, is developed to describe your customers’ interactions at every touchpoint. All contact points, including sales and marketing team interactions, website visits, and social channel communications, are mapped. 

You can understand your brand experiences from your customers’ point of view with this user journey map and get deeper insights into the efficacy of your CX strategy. 

2. Leverage Customer Service technologies  

The world is more digital than before, and your customers are not an exception. Reach out to them through digital channels they use daily. Employ the right technology to make their experience with your brand positive at all touchpoints. 

Your website, for example, is most likely to be the primary brand touchpoint for your customers. Ensure that you have a website that allows for easy and efficient navigation. You can improve your website experience by employing user-centric technology such as UX/ UI design. 

Another way to employ technology for better CX is using conversational Artificial Intelligence (AI). Virtual agents are an example of conversational AI. These are highly efficient tools to help your customers across channels and in a language they prefer. iMovo’s partnership with Zendesk allows us to analyse your needs and offer the best CX solutions.  

3. Do not forget to be human while interacting with humans 

Improving CX strategies - interacting with humans

Technology is great but humanizing your brand is more important. Listen to your customers and understand their needs. Take the time to celebrate their success stories with your brand. Be proactive in addressing their pain points. You can read iMovo’s customer stories here. 

4. Employees are partners in improving your CX strategy 

An outstanding CX depends on your employees too. Your employees must be happy to spread positivity to your customers. Make employees feel appreciated, which directly influences their productivity and customer interactions. Empower them with the tools, technology, and ambience essential to deliver an outstanding CX. 

Invite their feedback on existing customer experiences and their suggestions to add more value to brand-customer interactions. 

5. Cultivate a customer-focused workplace culture 

It is crucial that your workplace culture is customer-focused. Employees imbibe a positive attitude toward customers through a workplace culture that values customers. 

Employees in a customer-centric ambience are more likely to be motivated to connect with customers constantly. Such a culture can encourage employees to take constructive steps to engage customers through innovative methods. They show a willingness to be part of their customer’s world and understand their successes and pain points. 

Such work culture helps cultivate a strong emotional connection among customers for your brand. 

6. Create personalised experiences 

Customers that feel valued are delighted customers. There is no better way than personalized interactions to make your customers feel valued.  

A regular after-sales follow-up to assess customer experience, and dynamic website or instore offers customized to buyer purchase preferences, are other ways to up your CX. 

7. Make effective use of customer survey strategies 

Improving CX strategies - customer survey strategies

Tailored customer surveys can be great eye-openers. Well-developed surveys give you insights into your customers’ needs and where your CX is faltering. Surveys are also a fantastic way to make your frontline employees aware of existing process drawbacks and the need for specific training. 

8. Encourage quicker response times 

The quicker you respond to your customers’ grievances, the greater your chances of becoming the go-to brand for your customers. Employ appropriate technologies to listen to your customers in real-time and be quick in reaching out to them with a solution. 

Book a free consultation with iMovo and we will unleash the power of, not only customer service but also automated customer service. Contact us here. 

9. Measure your performance 

Metrics are crucial to understanding where your CX strategy is falling behind. From website stay time and conversions to online customer reviews, including all channels and tools that help you assess your customers’ satisfaction levels. 

10. Demonstrate value for retention 

Customer retention is as important as acquisition. Create a retention program that helps: 

  • Understand buyer purchase history and preferences 
  • Measure customers’ after-sales experience
  •  Re-engage customers for repeat purchase 


Over 70% of customers will turn away from your brand after one or two bad brand experiences. So, the responsibility of keeping your customers happy with your brand rests with you. Extraordinary customer experiences begin with excellent CX strategy planning. 

Consider including the above techniques to improve your CX strategy. Our services include strategies that improve your CX efficiency. Contact us to book a free consultation.