Leveraging Social Media for Customer Service: Tips 

Customer service is a big deal and thanks to technology, it’s evolved a lot over the years. We don’t, anymore, live in an era where customers have to write letters or actually walk themselves into the head office to make a complaint or resolve an issue.  

Today, we have all kinds of channels through which customers can engage with your business. One of these tools happens to be social media. Social media serves as an effective, fast and simple platform through which customers can interact with businesses almost instantly.  

However, there are plenty of businesses that still don’t know how to fully leverage social media in favor of providing top notch customer support. If you’re one such business, we’d like to help you out with the following suggestions.  

Get your customers to offer feedback 

So, you’ve noticed that a few customers have started liking your posts or re-tweeting your tweets. Well, don’t just say “thank you, come again”. Ask them to offer you feedback. This could mean getting them to simply talk about all the good things your product has to offer.  

The thing with feedback is that it opens up doors to real conversations. You get to gain information about your product that you may not have known initially. Plus, it gives you an opportunity to resolve some of the simpler issues right away, thereby, boosting your relationship with the customer.  

 Stick to the most effective channel 

Now, there are tons of social media platforms for you to choose from. So, it’s going to be a little difficult to determine which one to work with. The best option is the one that offers the most engagement. Find out which platform has the maximum amount of interactions taking place and go with that one.  

 It’s okay to have a presence on every platform but direct the majority of your resources towards the one that sees the most engagement.  

Make it quick 

When it comes to customer support in general, response times matter a lot. The faster you reply and resolve a problem, the more your customers will trust you. With social media, that response time needs to be faster than ever.  

Social media is a platform where engagement occurs in what can be called “real-time”. Customers who approach you via your social media page expect to see a reply in at least a couple of hours. So, make it quick. Don’t leave them hanging. 

If you are looking for a customer experience platform that can help you manage your customer service, contact us today – we can help!