Make the most of Business Intelligence this year 

When we hear the words “Business Intelligence”, our brains can’t help but shoot out images of numbers, statistics, charts, and reports. This is, sadly, the general perception that we have developed about Business Intelligence over the years.  

But, but here’s the thing – Business Intelligence or BI has a lot to offer. There are practically a gazillion insights that BI can provide when leveraged properly. 

So, if you aim to be one of those modern organizations with forethought, here are a few suggestions concerning how you can make the most of BI. 

  1. Incorporate real-time BI into customer-facing services 

There is one thing that’s common to all customers – their need to possess the most recent information. This is especially true when the information concerns mission-critical processes and tasks.  

So, how do you meet this demand?  

Well, you simply pepper your services with a little bit of real-time BI. Companies nowadays are completely shifting from utilizing outdated data in favour of fresh data. Whether it concerns server resource utilization data or operational data, companies prefer to use real-time analytics for making smarter decisions. 

Thanks to the presence of smarter tools and reduced costs with regard to processing power, this shift has become easier than imagined. 

BI isn’t something that’s limited to internal business. It is gradually becoming a key part of the value proposition. So, if your business is looking to boost value, incorporate BI into your customer-facing solutions. 

  1. Use BI to Boost Employee Performance

When it comes to figuring out which of your direct reports requires immediate attention, you’ll obviously need all the help you can get. But, finding that help is where the trouble starts.  

A digital marketing firm called Clearlink seems to have found an answer in BI. One of the company’s greatest challenges was to determine which agent would require assistance when selling services via phone calls. According to Landon Starr, Clearlink’s VP of Data Science, BI fixed the issue by generating real-time reports with information relating to the value of the call, the particular employee taking the call, and the type of call.  

This made it simpler to determine which call should be treated with priority, thereby allowing employees to offer solutions quicker.  

  1. Keep Customers Happy

In the day and age of online interactions, the last thing you want to do, as a business, is anger your customers. Thanks to tools like social media, even a single angry customer can prove to be extremely detrimental to your brand.  

But with BI, you can look for signs of dissatisfaction as early as possible and offer a solution before things get out of control.  

Earphone manufacturer Skullcandy does this by studying its warranty claims with the help of analytics. The process involves analyzing descriptions of the reported issues and, determining the frequency of their occurrence.  

Other than that, the company also mines reviews for data that might indicate what and why customers like about their products, as well as what improvements they would like and how the brand performs against competitors.  

If you are looking for a BI solution contact us, and we will guide you through the options available and the one best suited to your company’s needs.