How to demystify big data in iGaming – setting the right KPIs for success

Terms such as SMART objectives and SMART KPIs have become a part of our day-to-day vocabulary in the iGaming world. To get from where we are now to where we want to be in future, we need to have a plan. We’ve all heard it before, failing to plan is planning to fail.

It is time for a renewed national ICT Industry Policy Framework

Malta’s ICT industry has experienced substantial growth, which to a degree mirrors similar trends elsewhere since 1990. Today the sector is said to contribute some 5% of GDP. Historically, the first national ICT policy has its roots in a Public Service Review carried out in 1990 which charted out strategic reform supported by ICT.

iMovo Welcomes Michael Vassallo

We are pleased to welcome Michael Vassallo in the role of Business…

Automating for Marketing Success

I’ve always considered Marketing to be a very creative discipline – with the capacity to pull at our heart strings, senses and “needs” to drive brand awareness, interest and ultimately the transaction.

BMIT & iMovo launch BI OnDemand on the cloud – Social Media analytics application will be the first to be launched on platform

BMIT the leading Cloud services provider and iMovo the leading "Know Your Client" solution company have just launched a Business Intelligence OnDemand platform that will allow enterprises to utilise business intelligence services and deployments on a pay per use model . This is a development which changes the economics for organisations that want to leverage their information assets for better business insight and improving business performance.

Driving Sustainability & Growth In The Taxi Cab Industry

In less than three years eCabs has established itself as a market leader in the so-called ‘black’ taxi services sector. Achieving this in such a short time would have been almost impossible without the support of ICT. It has contributed to turning the perception of taxi services on its head. Learn about how iMovo helped eCabs achieve success and business growth click here.

iMovo & eCabs make it to the eBiz Awards finals

Following the successful implementation of an online booking engine based on the Microsoft CRM platform for eCabs, Malta's premier taxi cab company earlier this year - the product, known as (Integrated Booking & CRM Solution) IBOCS was one of three finalists for the "Best eBusiness Idea of the year" category.

Reviewing the hand that feeds

Success in the new internet economy hinges on being in control of the relentless drive to acquire and retain a steady stream of customers. But while businesses strive to develop strong brand loyalty and deliver an excellent user experience, today’s customers are highly knowledgeable, more demanding, and relish the market power that they possess. Read on , on the The synergy between businesses and social media influencers is sometimes problematic.

Socionomix Social media analytics launched

Socionomix, a social analytics platform, is just being launched by iMovo. The first of a family of products, Socionomix for Facebook blends together a best-of-breed business analytics tool from Qlikview with the power of the Facebook social media platform. This tool is aimed squarely at marketeers and professionals who use social media as an integral part of their organisation’s marketing strategy. See the launch announcement in the "Times" daily newspaper.

Social CRM is the next big thing

The value of social CRM is to get people interacting and working for the brand, highlighting the growing number of traditional websites and advertisements that combine a push towards a Facebook or Twitter page where interested persons can “find out more”.