Qlikview Launched Officially in Malta

Business intelligence is the skill of identifying, extracting, and analysing data to make better and faster business decisions, usually though an ICT-based solution.
QlikView, by Qlik, is one such BI solution that has just been launched in Malta in partnership with iMovo, a local developer of IT-based services and solutions for businesses. Qlik’s global customer base consists of approximately 21,000 customers located in more than 100 countries.
“Companies of all sizes, across diverse regions and industries, are making BI a top priority. There is no exception in the Maltese market, where business users need simple and powerful tools that provide key insights into their operations, and IT departments need affordable and dynamic tools that everyone in their company can use to gain real and quick insight into critical, multi-layered data,” Nick Ayton, regional sales manager for international markets at Qlik told iTech.
“Market growth continues to be driven by the volume, velocity, and variety of information that grows exponentially and the need for businesses to exploit that information for competitive advantage. The sophistication of the Maltese market, particularly in vertical industries such as financial services and i-gaming, is well suited for the deployment of BI and QlikView lends itself well in terms of being able to cater for very small customers right through to scaling for enterprise customers.”
QlikView combines enterprise-class analytics and search functionality with the simplicity and ease-of-use found in typical office productivity software tools.
The in-memory associative analysis technology pioneered by the company allows users to explore information freely rather than being confined to a predefined path of questions. QlikView enables users to explore huge volumes of business data quickly and easily, defining and asking their own stream of questions – on the spot, on the road, and with teams. It enables intuitive user-driven analysis that can be implemented in days or weeks.
“In today’s world, business decision makers can no longer base their assumptions on gut feel and a general sense of where their business is. They need hard facts and as they say, the facts are in their numbers,” according to Pierre Mallia, managing director at iMovo.
“Gone are the days when it’s acceptable for IT departments to dish out reports days after the executive asked for them. Business executives and managers need to be empowered to build their own analysis and visualisation tools and that’s where QlikView excels, leaving the competition behind.
“Business decision makers also want to see their data in the form factor of their choice, whether it’s on a laptop, iPad or an iPhone, where convenience is king. This is yet another virtue of QlikView as it delivers to any of these platforms.”
Qlik’s senior executive is confident that his company’s product and iMovo’s expertise and knowledge of the Maltese market will prove successful combination.
“QlikView makes a strong addition to iMovo’s portfolio of BI services, and now enables joint customers to automate previously cumbersome and labour-intensive processes while tapping the vast amount of data trapped within their current systems. By combining cross-industry knowledge, experience in the field, technological excellence and creativity – together with a strong project management ethic – iMovo is empowering Qlik customers to profit from their technological investments.
“Furthermore, iMovo’s deep knowledge of the market is a key factor for Qlik and we have seen successful engagements happening, but equally important we have seen the high degree of customer satisfaction with iMovo,” concluded Mr Ayton.