Customer story: LeoVegas Group

About the company

LeoVegas is a Swedish mobile gaming company and provider of online casino and sports betting services such as table games, video slots, progressive jackpots, video poker and live betting to a number of international markets. Founded in 2012, LeoVegas is one of Europe’s premier GameTech company and is at the forefront of using state-of-the-art technology for mobile gaming. The company is based in Sweden and has offices in Malta and Italy.

The challenge

Business analytics are used in virtually every industry, and the Internet is a natural source for this data, as users log in daily to their various accounts and often offer information freely. Thanks to the ever-growing popularity of the Internet, brought about by the advent of digital technologies, such as smartphones, gaming companies are now able to gather important Business Intelligence (BI) to make their games more entertaining and profitable. In many ways BI has helped companies surpass most of the challenges they had been facing for years – make sense of the massive rows of data collected and transform them into useful insights and knowledge.

LeoVegas acknowledge that staying ahead of the game requires a culture that is based on trust, accountability and the pursuit of improvement. In line with their mantra of being at the forefront of using state-of-art technology, they quickly adopted a BI solution to help them understand their data and take quicker and more informed decisions.

Over time, and with an ever-increasing portfolio of players; the LeoVegas team realised that they needed to upgrade their existing infrastructure and invest in a platform which would enable them to scale up and process their data more efficiently.

The solution and the iMovo experience

The Business Intelligence team at LeoVegas quickly realised that upgrading a BI solution is no easy feat and that it would require additional resources and expertise. Karen Micallef, Head of Business Intelligence Applications at LeoVegas explained that given the lack of human resources, it made sense for them to engage with industry professionals who could not only help them out with their project but also ensure that any pending BI-related queries would be handled correctly, professionally and in a timely manner. With years of experience delivering Business Intelligence and Data Management projects, iMovo was able to provide LeoVegas with the peace of mind and additional resources they needed to complete the project successfully.

All requests and deliverables were executed within the agreed timeframe, bringing the BI team in-line with the project deadlines. Karen Micallef went on to state that “All deliverables met our expectations in both quality and beyond, and this is proven by the fact that the engagement was extended by a number of months. The project involved interacting with business analysts from different departments, therefore many stakeholders benefitted from this service.

Ms. Micallef also explained how the team has experienced a marked improvement in their operations, after having had the opportunity to engage directly with the BI experts at iMovo. “The level of experience which iMovo brought, both in terms of products suggested and best practices was definitely one of the most important elements of this project. This resulted in a short learning curve and deliverables were correct and of high standard. iMovo’s technical expertise has helped us provide our users with a better experience. We are now in a better position to serve our users and provide them with additional information that will ultimately enable them to make more informed and timely decisions based on data.”

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About iMovo

At iMovo we specialise in Customer Experience Management (CEM), using Business Intelligence (BI), Big Data Analytics, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Workforce Management (WFM), and Artificial Intelligence (AI). iMovo can help you transform your data into actionable insights, enabling you to take informed decisions that help you grow your business. We work with best-in-class technologies to enable organisations to mine and visualise your information in a meaningful way. This helps you to enhance and visualise data, make reporting faster and easier than ever before.

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