How Can Restaurant Owners Achieve Social Media Success?

The hospitality industry has nowadays become especially competitive. People are becoming increasingly demanding as far as service and quality go. It has become very common for customers to share their views on hospitality establishments, such as restaurants, online, including pictures showing proof of their statement.

Within this article we include a few tips as to how restaurant owners within the hospitality industry can make the most of the social media channel and successfully utilise social media to create a mutually-beneficial relationship with customers.

How should I invest in Social Media?

word of mouth

1. Share your Menu

This one is kind of obvious. Displaying mouth-watering dishes catches people’s attention and helps spread the word about your restaurant, especially if your restaurant is new. Social Media can also help updating your customers on “weekly speciality dishes” or “newly-added dishes”. This is free publicity for your restaurant so should be used wisely.

2. Retain your customers

Social media is the perfect channel to interact with and retain customers. Offering discounts to all your Facebook fans is an easy way of connecting with customers and ultimately gain repeat visits.

3. Showcase the overall experience

Customers are usually hesitant in trying new places as they do not know what to expect. One way of helping with this barrier is by showcasing part of the experience that they would benefit from, such as the interior design of the restaurant, the staff, the view and so on.

4. Feedback

Social media also provides the opportunity to interject and help customers if they have an issue or a question. It is important that responses are provided quickly and politely. There’s nothing like a pro-active response to tell customers that you are serious about their concerns and want to satisfy their needs.

Which social media platforms should I invest in?

In Malta, Facebook is the social media tool most in use. Facebook helps target a large amount of potential customers, either in a paid-for fashion by utilising Facebook Ads or Boosted posts, or by posting on relevant Facebook pages or groups in a free format.

Why should I monitor Social Media?

Monitoring social media channels and listening to what customers have to say, is crucial for your business to continue to grow. Knowing what is being said about your business helps you understand what matters most to your customers, enables you to settle any issues promptly and provides you with great insight on which to base future decisions.

Social Media is the new Permanent Record

How can I monitor Social Media?

Monitoring social media has never been easier. Socionomix Monitor can help by easily putting together several functions which help in monitoring social media, including some of the most popular Facebook groups in Malta, such as Are You Being Served.


These include being alerted when your brand is mentioned to enable you to reply in a prompt manner.You can also analyse all past posts and comments where your brand is featured to understand the general sentiment that your brand attracts.

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