Welcome to Talend Data Preparation

Are you a Marketing Executive, a Recruiter, a Data Steward, a Data Scientist or an IT developer?

Do you often need to deal with incomplete and incorrect data? Do you need to cleanse or augment your data, or group records based on similar values in fields? Do you need to integrate lists of data from different applications with different date formats? Do you need to mask names in email fields so only the domain name shows? Or perhaps you need to remove leading and trailing spaces from name fields?

Do you find Data Preparation for Data Integration a repetitive and time-consuming task? Would you like to do this in a fraction of the time it takes you – and then replicate the process day after day?

You could be a Data Hero after all! Welcome to TALEND Data Prep – a data collaboration tool available on the Talend Data Integration platform.

Talend Data Integration is a powerful ETL tool that allows you to take your data from any database or any kind of application, perform very complex transformations on it and move it anywhere you may need to move it. Talend Data Integration is the fastest and most cost-effective way to connect data. It comes with over 800 connectors to natively connect databases, flat files, cloud-based applications and more data and graphical drag-and-drop tools and wizards for speed design, testing, and generation of code in the languages you need.

Talend Data Fabric is the industry’s only data integration platform that lets customers seamlessly move between batch, streaming and real-time or running on-premise, in-the-cloud or with Big Data. Only Talend gives users a single design interface for all their Big Data, Data Integration, Cloud Integration, Application Integration and Master Data Management

So take that first step towards becoming a Data Hero – learn more about Talend Data Prep available in 2 flavours – the free version and the subscription version. Download Talend Data Prep for free.

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