DECEMBER 14, 2021

11:00 a.m. CET


What you will learn in this Webinar

In this event following our series on Digital Transformation, we’ll be addressing Data visualisation, what it is and how it helps people analyse data quickly and efficiently. Presenting data in visual form can make it easier to comprehend, enabling professionals to obtain insights quicker. Visualisations can also make it easier to communicate insights and visualising how independent variables relate to one another. This can help managers spot trends, understanding the frequency of events, and track connections between operations and performance.

Who will be sharing experiences?!

Meet our Speakers!


Matheus Assis Baeta | BDM – Iberia


Ana Rubio Herrera | Head of Data Science


Ana is our Head of Data Services and Analytics at iMovo. Economist with a Master in Business Intelligence. She has grown in the data field helping companies by turning their data into valuable insights to drive change to their businesses. This goes from creating compelling data story telling, reassessing data strategies or evangelizing the organization with best data practices. She is a self learner who in her free times likes to keep updated of latest trends on data and AI while she enjoys discovering new places with her dog around Malta.

Jordan Bonello Gauci | BI & Analytics BDM


Jordan is iMovo’s Business Developer Manager for BI and Analytics. He has several years of experience working in operations management, logistics and iGaming and has always been a Data Visualisation advocate, being numbers part of his life. Jordan helps businesses realise the potential in implementing a proper Data Culture and Strategy. He is a very talkative person that thrives in the social environment, networking, meeting, and learning from people… and Data!


 Alan Grima

CEO Dhalia

Alan Grima is currently the CEO and serves on the board of directors of Dhalia Real Estate Services. He joined Dhalia in 2008 as the company’s Chief Strategy Officer, primarily responsible for the formulation and implementation of strategies and systems to support the company’s strategic objectives. He was appointed to the company’s board of directors in 2010 and subsequently as Chief Executive Officer in 2015. Alan holds a Master of Business Administration from the University of Leicester and a Master of Science in Real Estate from the University of Reading.

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