Zendesk – The next level of Customer Experience Management 

Good customer service is a key factor in growing a business. Answering queries, solving problems and delivering a service or product on time, all add to a good customer experience. Happy customers are not only loyal customers but can also become a marketing force for the company. Having a good system in place to make sure that all customer concerns are addressed and all commitments are met is extremely important for a business. Every business needs a Customer Experience Management (CEM) system that is set up to handle customer relations efficiently and effectively. 

Zendesk is a cloud-based customer service software which offers helpdesk solutions to companies. The main aim of Zendesk is to improve customer service and help build better customer relations. The company has developed a number of products to deliver to this end. Zendesk products cater for the smallest startup business to large multinational corporations. 

 Highlights of using Zendesk Software 

Here are some highlights of the Zendesk software that make it stand out as a good Customer Experience management software: 

Easy to deploy and use: The system is easy to set up, can be used immediately and is flexible. 

  1. Improves appearance: Using Zendesk allows for a more professional and smoother interaction with a client
  2. Increases productivity: By helping to lower costs and improve customer satisfaction, Zendesk helps to increase the overall productivity of an organization. 

 Zendesk Products 

  • Zendesk Support: The main purpose of the Zendesk software is to offer customer support. The system collates all customer information in one place making it easier to track, prioritize and solve customer problems. Zendesk Support can configure any workflow, from the simplest to the most complex  
  • Zendesk Guide: Zendesk Support works with Guide to make the company’s knowledge base smarter. When customers use self-service, Guide tracks that activity and sends it to Support in the form of contextual insights in Pathfinder that help agents analyze customer activity and solve tickets faster. The info is then fed back into guide to be refined.  
  • Zendesk Connect: Zendesk Connect is a customer intelligence software which helps companies connect with their customers at a more focused level by analyzing customer data from across all Zendesk products. This feature is useful for target campaigns. 
  • Zendesk Explore: This analytics software helps a company keep track of customer experience. This will help you get a deeper understanding of your customer and the business that comes with it. Use prescriptive dashboards from Zendesk Explore to showcase the analyses that matter most for team operations and customer experience.  
  • Zendesk Chat: The chat software has been designed to be integrated into company websites. The chat facility allows customers to interact in real time with potential customers and visitors to their site. Answering a customer’s question on the spot can make all the difference between a sale and a miss. 
  • Zendesk Talk: A virtual call centre eliminates the need for physical buildings and cuts costs drastically. The cloud-based software allows businesses to take customer service calls over the internet and have their executives respond remotely from anywhere in the world. 

Zendesk also has other products which help make the customer service experience smoother and more efficient. 

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