iMovo announces new partnership with Planday

iMovo, today announced its partnership with Planday, the online platform that helps businesses manage the logistics of their staff. With Planday, shift-based companies can easily create and share a schedule, communicate with employees, and handle HR processes.

Three reasons why the human touch still matters to customers

In the digital era, convenience, speed and accuracy are kings. Today’s customers don't have to call you in the middle of the night to know more about your product. All they have to do is access your website and collect the information for themselves. At the end of the day, we are still human and automation or digital platforms can never replace that completely. In fact, here are some reasons why businesses still need to incorporate the human touch in the way they serve customers.

BI Analytic Tools Help Business Organisations

Business organisations have been collecting customer data since time immemorial; whether on clay tablets, papyrus and subsequently paper. With the advent of computerisation most business organisations found themselves maintaining electronic systems designed and built to store and accumulate ever-growing amounts of raw customer data. Due to the way computer applications were then designed, it was not always easy to aggregate different systems, and the data they respectively stored, in an attempt to construct a single, unified, view of the customer.

Business Discovery – Business Intelligence Made Relevant

Business Intelligence has been evolving , like many other areas of technology, new entrants are challenging the status quo and have been fuelling a new paradigm in the way BI is used and deployed in ever smaller organisations...

Azure Data Factory – Integrate all your data

In the age of Big Data, raw data is often disorganized and stored…

5 Things to know before getting Einstein Analytics

The idea of being able to correctly predict things has been something…

The vital foundation in a data-driven organisation – Data Quality

Data scientists spend 80% of their time cleaning data while…

Turn and Face the Change – How does the post-covid corporate environment look like?

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Get on board with Tableau 10.5

One of the world’s most powerful BI Visual Analytics tool has been updated once again, and this time it isn’t holding back with powerful new features across all their platforms, it once again will remind you why you chose Tableau in the first place.

Five ways in which big data analytics is changing the current business environment

Today, the term 'big-data’ has become widely popular. It is essentially a collection of large volumes of complex data that cannot be processed using the traditional approach. This is where businesses started using big-data analytics which uses modern computational methods for fast and efficient data processing. Big-data analytics are changing businesses in a big way. Take a look at how it is revolutionizing the current business trends.

Tableau’s upcoming updates

Tableau has recently announced that the upcoming release of Tableau 10.4 will be the last version of Tableau Desktop, Tableau Reader, and Tableau Public to work on 32-bit operating systems. If your computer runs on a 32-bit operating system we have bad news for you: When released, Tableau 10.5 will no longer be able to function on these systems. On the other hand, and on a much better note too, if you run a 64-bit operating system you should get ready to welcome a bigger and better Tableau 10.5.

Introducing Talend: Starting your Big Data journey

We’ve recently held our first Talend event, “Introducing Talend: Starting your Big Data journey”. This exclusive event brought together BI professionals from different sectors who were interested in learning how solutions such as Talend can help harness and exploit the challenges and opportunities brought about by the rise of Big Data and the Internet of Things (IoT).

iMovo hosts Qlik Roundtable and Business Brunch

We've recently held our annual “Qlik Roundtable and Business Brunch” at Le Meridien Hotel in St. Julian’s. This half-day event brought together BI professionals from a broad spectrum of companies from different sectors, who were looking to learn more about Qlik and how it can help organizations grow, innovate and succeed – all through the power of visual analytics.

Dealing with the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Since the early part of last century, technological progress has marched forward at sharp rate, albeit with the so called "waves" coming hard and fast as a north easterly storm on the coast. After a surge in innovation in the field of information technology dating back to the 1970s, with the emergence of the first "personal" device - the PC and stretching well into the early years of this century, we seem poised on what could become a very big wave. Some economists have posited the idea that we are about to embark on the "Fourth Industrial Revolution".