The role of AI in Finance

Artificial Intelligence is a hot topic today because of the many disruptive changes it’s been predicted to bring. Naturally, this has led to excitement and fear among the masses. The sheer accuracy, speed, and efficiency of AI has persuaded organizations to adopt the technology for functions related to Accounting and Finance. But, it’s not just the AI that’s impressive. There are other factors at play here too. Here’s how AI is benefiting the finance side of things as of now.
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The relevance of Business Intelligence for Finance

A lot of people wonder why most Business Intelligence (BI) departments fall under the Finance and not Information Technology (IT) department. There was a time when I wondered too, especially when I was taught so during my studies. Let’s start and try to explain this by looking at meetings. Don’t you get excited when you hear that you have a day full of meetings? Everyone would be eager for the moment when figures start appearing on presentations and not matching with each other’s reports. That is the ideal time to start playing Report Dungeons.
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Zendesk annual event: Creating an effortless customer experience for your customers

This event brought together professionals from various sectors such as financial services and iGaming who were interested in learning how Zendesk can help their company provide better customer experiences. Attendees had the opportunity to meet with Zendesk’s very own Sales Director, Gabriel Frasconi who spoke about the importance of creating relationships with customers and about Zendesk's new and upcoming updates.