iMovo announces new partnership with Planday

iMovo, today announced its partnership with Planday, the online platform that helps businesses manage the logistics of their staff. With Planday, shift-based companies can easily create and share a schedule, communicate with employees, and handle HR processes.

Three reasons why the human touch still matters to customers

In the digital era, convenience, speed and accuracy are kings. Today’s customers don't have to call you in the middle of the night to know more about your product. All they have to do is access your website and collect the information for themselves. At the end of the day, we are still human and automation or digital platforms can never replace that completely. In fact, here are some reasons why businesses still need to incorporate the human touch in the way they serve customers.

BI Analytic Tools Help Business Organisations

Business organisations have been collecting customer data since time immemorial; whether on clay tablets, papyrus and subsequently paper. With the advent of computerisation most business organisations found themselves maintaining electronic systems designed and built to store and accumulate ever-growing amounts of raw customer data. Due to the way computer applications were then designed, it was not always easy to aggregate different systems, and the data they respectively stored, in an attempt to construct a single, unified, view of the customer.

Business Discovery – Business Intelligence Made Relevant

Business Intelligence has been evolving , like many other areas of technology, new entrants are challenging the status quo and have been fuelling a new paradigm in the way BI is used and deployed in ever smaller organisations...

Beginner’s Guide to Big Data

What is Big Data? What differentiates it from any other data? In reality, the answer is as simple as pure volume. Big Data is a self-explanatory term. What sets it apart from other data are the methods which we use to analyse it. Smaller scale data can be analysed using some functions and perhaps even by hand, but the larger your data the more difficult it will become to do that. We require specific tools and methodologies both to properly store the data as well as to get the most value out of it.

iMovo Announces New Appointment as Master Value Added Reseller for Talend

iMovo and Talend, a global leader in cloud integration solutions, are stepping up their partnership with the signing of a Master Value Added Reseller agreement, supporting organisations’ digital transformation projects in some countries in EMEA, including Cyprus, Greece, Malta, North Africa and Turkey.

#HandsOnTalend – Integration Cloud – Your first Project

Previously, I showed you around Talend Integration Cloud, and Talend Studio for Cloud. Now is where the work actually begins! The purpose of any data integration flow is to execute a series of actions into a common objective/goal. Flow is referred to as a 'Job'. Jobs are created solely within Talend Studio for Cloud, but first, you need to make sure you have your workspace in order.

The benefits of building a Cloud-based Customer Data Warehouse Solution

Talend Integration Cloud is a product within the Integration Platform-as-a-Service (iPaaS) space that makes it even easier for customers to build and deploy integration patterns in the Cloud. Having a simple, yet complete, Cloud-based Customer Data Warehouse (CDW) is key to any organization and the ability to manage, integrate and understand the collected Data is of paramount importance.

Talend Data Preparation

Do you often need to deal with incomplete and incorrect data? Do you need to cleanse or augment your data, or group records based on similar values in fields? Do you need to integrate lists of data from different applications with different date formats? Do you need to mask names in email fields so only the domain name shows?...