iMovo announces new partnership with Planday

iMovo, today announced its partnership with Planday, the online platform that helps businesses manage the logistics of their staff. With Planday, shift-based companies can easily create and share a schedule, communicate with employees, and handle HR processes.

Three reasons why the human touch still matters to customers

In the digital era, convenience, speed and accuracy are kings. Today’s customers don't have to call you in the middle of the night to know more about your product. All they have to do is access your website and collect the information for themselves. At the end of the day, we are still human and automation or digital platforms can never replace that completely. In fact, here are some reasons why businesses still need to incorporate the human touch in the way they serve customers.

BI Analytic Tools Help Business Organisations

Business organisations have been collecting customer data since time immemorial; whether on clay tablets, papyrus and subsequently paper. With the advent of computerisation most business organisations found themselves maintaining electronic systems designed and built to store and accumulate ever-growing amounts of raw customer data. Due to the way computer applications were then designed, it was not always easy to aggregate different systems, and the data they respectively stored, in an attempt to construct a single, unified, view of the customer.

Business Discovery – Business Intelligence Made Relevant

Business Intelligence has been evolving , like many other areas of technology, new entrants are challenging the status quo and have been fuelling a new paradigm in the way BI is used and deployed in ever smaller organisations...

4 Workforce Management Myths Busted

One of the main responsibilities of managers is to ensure that their team members are happy, productive and in good health. Managing human resources, however, is easier said than done. Earlier, businesses used inefficient and error-prone manual processes to manage their human resources. Unfortunately, these processes failed miserably to forecast labor requirements. Workforce management, a concept introduced between the late 1980s and the early 1990s, addresses the shortcomings of earlier methods.

Why introducing a self-service portal for your employees is a good idea 

Managing a workforce can definitely be rewarding. However, this “rewarding experience” doesn’t come easy. After all, you are in charge of handling one of the organisation’s most complex resources – the workforce.  Managing people is one of the toughest jobs out there.

Tips to avoid an understaffed workforce during peak season

Peak season is almost here and you’re obviously planning to ramp up your operations in order to keep up with market demand. Obviously, this is one of those periods where you need to make sure you’ve got a large enough workforce to handle the pressure. Here are some tips to aovid an understaffed workforce.

Workforce & Schedule Management – A key to a happier and more flexible workforce

Managing time is a big part of managing people. Like everything in life, shift work is a gentle balancing act and creating work schedules is not an easy task. It’s rare that everybody gets the shift they want, and if you manage hourly employees, you know how many issues can come up when you’re trying to schedule shifts. Predicting busy times and arranging for staff accordingly doesn’t always go smoothly.

Your Human Resources department could benefit from Automation  

Workforce management consists of all the activities that are involved in handling your workforce. Efficient workforce management originates from Human Resources (HR) and one tool that makes your HR department more efficient is automation.  

Deploying Mobile WFM Software: Tips 

Mobile workforce management is a category of software and related services used to manage employees working outside the company premises. These Mobile WFM (Workforce Management) Solutions are, needless to say, quite powerful. They can be leveraged to solve a wide range of issues that organizations are likely to face. In the US, almost 70% of organizations have staff members that are mobile. This includes field technicians, frontline sales personnel, security teams etc.  

Key features to look for in a WFM solution 

If you're on the hunt for a Workforce Management Solution (WFM) there are a ton of options in the market that you can choose from! However, not all of them may meet your requirements. In fact, some of them don't even possess the most basic features that today's businesses need.  

The 4 Ps of Workforce Management 

Workforce management (WFM) consists of the whole host of activities that an organisation employs in order to optimize the efficiency and output of its manpower. Activities such as work and manpower scheduling, demand forecast, and management of staff are a part of workforce management.  

Vacation Planning for Your Employees: It’s Never Too Early 

“Vacation” – it’s a term that employees love. After all,…

Workforce Management Processes that cannot be ignored 

Efficiency is something that businesses have targeted since the beginning. It’s one of those requirements that aren’t likely to change. That’s why we have technological solutions in the first place – to make businesses more efficient and reduce unnecessary expenditure.