How your Company can Turn Leads into Customers

As mere humans, we feel like the world revolves around us. We are the “stars” in our show. As customers, we don’t feel much different – we have come to expect personalised and individual experiences.

Business owners who are constantly striving to create a long-lasting relationship with their customers should certainly keep this in mind.

How can you ensure that you are effectively converting your audience into valuable long-term customers? The answer is simple – target marketing – i.e directing customised marketing efforts to specific market segments.

Targeting your Customer

To target effectively, one first needs to gain quality information about leads to be able to initiate a dialogue based on the products or services that they are most interested in. This is the first step in converting leads, as they are easily lost if not nurtured properly.

One way of gaining quality information is to analyse how your audience is interacting with your marketing communications, for example who has opened your email campaigns and where have they clicked? Who visited your website, which sections of the website did they view and which products/services held their attention the longest? Having easy access to such data will ensure you are on the right track to learning about your customers’ individual preferences and interests.

The next natural step would be to target your future marketing efforts, such as events, emails and campaigns to the different segments based on the information collected. For example, if a segment shows interest in a particular product/service you’re offering, invite them to a meeting or an upcoming event focusing on that specific product/service. Following this, continue to monitor their activity (such as who opened the email, who clicked through) to obtain yet again more detailed information about the lead.

This is what marketing automation is all about – it allows companies to nurture leads with personalised, quality content that helps convert leads into customers and generate significant new revenue for companies.

One of the leading marketing solutions available is ClickDimensions, which allows companies to discover who is interested in their products, quantify the level of interest and take appropriate action. This is done through the powerful campaign management, email marketing and website integration with the company’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, allowing it to track and identify visitors to the company website and pinpoint services or products of interest.

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