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The Importance of Big Data

Now, we all know just how important data is for businesses today. There is an almost infinite amount of data out there that businesses can analyze and learn from. The insights they gain can be used to build better relationships with customers and also, fine-tune their marketing campaigns. Let’s explore a few more reasons why businesses shouldn’t take big data lightly.

What is Blockchain technology and why does it matter? 

If you haven’t been living under a rock, you have probably heard of words like “cryptocurrency” and “bitcoin”. Even though the first cryptocurrency, Bitcoin has been around for the past 9 years, it has increasingly attracted a lot of attention today. In order to understand fully how cryptocurrencies work, you must understand the technology that powers it all – blockchain technology. 

Workforce Management Software may be the solution to a better workplace environment 

Good schedules provide a range of benefits such as reducing the cost of labour, generate more sales, and improve customer satisfaction. But, more importantly, they can make your employees happier and help establish a healthier workplace. Here’s how WFM can help create a healthier workplace.  

Big Data and its impact on society 

In the past few decades, technology has revolutionized our lifestyle. Our smartphones, smart TVs, smart refrigerators and smart interiors are programmed to predict our needs and model our environments in a way that is most pleasing to us. But to give us these facilities, our service providers require data about our usage pattern and preferences. What are the implications of big data on society?

Why your small business needs Big Data Analytics

As a small business, you’re bound to be apprehensive about a lot of things. Big data analytics is likely to be one of those, and it’s completely understandable. You’re small and you think that you simply cannot afford to invest in something that seems exclusive to enterprises. Well, here’s the good news – that’s not the situation anymore.