How will Customer Experience (CX) evolve in 2022?

Customer Experience (CX) has come a long way, and in 2022, it’s all set to go even further and become better. But how? To know the answer, read on as we share with you the biggest CX trends in 2022.

1. More capable AI-powered chatbots

AI-powered chatbots have been around for a long time. However, there was once a time when they were only capable of performing the simplest communication tasks. Now, things have radically changed, as chatbots have become capable of responding to complex customer queries – so much so that many people actually prefer interacting with virtual assistants and chatbots to humans. Some chatbots also boast advanced features such as transaction processing. Advancements in natural language processing (NLP) tech are set to make chatbots even more capable of understanding customers’ questions and requests.

2. Increased omnichannel customer experiences

Businesses marketing, selling, and supporting customers and prospects across different channels are increasingly turning to omnichannel customer experiences. These involve the treatment of individual touchpoints and interactions as parts of a seamless whole. Omnichannel customer experiences allow businesses to remain contextually relevant to buyers at each stage of their respective journeys. They improve customer engagement and customer interaction quality.

3. Combination of AR and VR to blur the line between digital and real-world interactions

As businesses’ marketing budgets experience a sharp increase, new technologies are sure to be leveraged for blurring the line between real-world and digital interactions. For instance, combining AR and VR can make customers feel like they are actually at their favorite stores without even being there. Interactive and immersive 360-degree videos are already quite popular, and businesses are bound to find more innovative ways of appealing to their target audiences.

4. Data-driven insights for better customer understanding

Businesses can’t offer their target audiences what they want if they don’t know what they want in the first place. That’s why more and more businesses are aiming for more data-driven insights into real-time actions customers take on their websites and their browsing patterns. The ultimate objective of collecting these data-driven insights is to create and offer more personalized experiences, which are incredibly helpful in trust-building.

5. Quality content over clickbait tactics

Customers are increasingly growing aware of what quality content is and are beginning to steer clear of clickbait content. Sure, there was once a time when clickbait tactics used to work, but if your business is still relying on them, it’s about time to make the move to high-quality content. So, irrespective of the platform, you should focus on creating original, high-quality content, and avoid resorting to clickbait tactics. Also, refrain from putting out a huge volume of low-quality content. All that will do is repel existing and prospective customers from your brand.

6. Mobile experiences will be the priority

The majority of online shoppers make their purchases nowadays exclusively from their smartphones. So, whatever your product or service is, you’ve got to make it mobile-centric before anything else. Companies are investing more money than ever before in developing and designing their mobile apps and websites, and you should do the same. Both your mobile app and website should have certain elements such as quick responsiveness and the ability to recognize and process voice search queries.

Customers expect you to deliver personalised experience and quick resolutions

In addition to keeping up with these trends, businesses must also understand how the COVID-19 pandemic affected buyers’ behaviors and buying patterns. After all, the world has changed due to the pandemic, and very few things are the way they were prior to the pandemic. All in all, businesses have to put much more thought and resources into marketing their products, while customers can expect more personalised experiences and quicker resolution of disputes.

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