Introducing Sub Grids in Microsoft CRM2011

Introducing Sub Grids

by Darren Mercieca Software Specialist , iMovo.

One striking upgrade introduced in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 over its predecessor CRM 4.0, is the introduction of grids embedded into forms. This UI capability provides users with fast and powerful access to an entity’s related child entities with an in-built facility to create and edit items through the parent form. The image below shows a sub grid displaying a list of an account’s related contacts.

The Sub-Grid’s properties can be further configured through the form editor to include:
1. Standard Search Box
2. View Selector
3. Lettered Indexing
4. Chart Integration

The Sub-Grid is one of the many improvements taken to provide business users with a more detailed insight upon the data present on the system; therefore enabling them to take quicker and more informative decisions.