New and updated: Tableau 10.4

Tableau 10.4 is here! Save time and reduce mistakes by using the best data for your analysis.

From discussions with visual snapshots to data source recommendations, Tableau 10.4 helps you speed up your journey to data discovery.

Some new features include:

  • Data source certification
  • Discussions
  • Data source recommendations

Data source certification

Bring a new level of governance to your analytics. Now you can mark data sources as certified so that everyone knows they are connecting to the right data.


Have real-time conversations around your data. Work with your colleagues, discuss inflexion points, or even attach a snapshot to bring attention to a specific detail or view.

Data source recommendations

Start your analysis faster with the right data. Tableau uses machine learning to recommend existing data sources based on your organization’s data source usage metrics. It’s now easier to find the right data source for your analysis.

Scaling for the enterprise

When on Tableau 10.4, you can roll out Tableau Desktop updates across your organization without facing compatibility issues.

Tableau Desktop users who have upgraded can publish workbooks to older versions of Tableau Server (version 10.2 or higher) with downgrade and publish.

Tableau pays attention to detail and with every release, they include features the customer have been asking for. Be sure to keep adding ideas to inspire their development team.