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Big Data Trends for 2020

Big data is no longer a buzzword, and the benefits of embracing this technology among firms have ample amounts of documentation. The era of disruptive technology is changing the skills and tools available to employees. Companies now have access to new and innovative capabilities that will streamline their operations.

iMovo Announces New Partnership with Snowflake

We are proud to announce that we have partnered up with Snowflake. Snowflake is a fully managed service with a pay-as-you-go-model that works on structured and semi-structured data. Its unique architecture delivers proven breakthroughs in performance, concurrency and simplicity. For the first time, multiple groups can access millions of gigabytes of data at the same time, up to 200 times faster and 10 times less expensive than traditional data warehouse solutions.

4 Workforce Management Myths Busted

One of the main responsibilities of managers is to ensure that their team members are happy, productive and in good health. Managing human resources, however, is easier said than done. Earlier, businesses used inefficient and error-prone manual processes to manage their human resources. Unfortunately, these processes failed miserably to forecast labor requirements. Workforce management, a concept introduced between the late 1980s and the early 1990s, addresses the shortcomings of earlier methods.

Key Questions IT Leaders Should Ask About their CRM Solution

There are several responsibilities that the average IT leader takes on. One of them is to balance the cost of investing in new solutions while making the most of what their enterprise already uses. Now, with all the focus on boosting customer loyalty and engagement, IT leaders are forced to find easier ways to manage data and put an end to data silos. That’s where CRM solutions come in and IT leaders would be wise to consider them as strategic tools for the future. But before investing, there are a few key questions that need to be asked.