You’re sitting on a goldmine… and you probably don’t know it!

8381456-data-search-i-have-found-it-green-shiny-sphere-inside-abstract-golden-data-cube-assembling-from-blocA world once immersed in paper documents and cardboard files is now digital, where almost everything can be stored as numbers on a hard disk. Your collection of favourite musical pieces – ones and zeroes; classified documents – ones and zeroes; your shop inventory, your payroll system, your sales ledger – all ones and zeroes. No wonder data is being termed as the ‘gold of the 21st century’.

The concept of Business Intelligence (BI), where reporting tools are used to answer gainful questions by analysing complex data, comes into play. Having the ability to analyse one’s data is like tapping into a gold mine of knowledge and insights.

Having said so, the prospect of analysing data most likely instils apprehension as it is likely to conjure images of countless hours digging in digits on never-ending spreadsheets to find answers to simple questions. Yes, ten to fifteen years ago this was probably very much the picture but as people are now appreciating the immense value of their ones and zeroes, data analysis is becoming more refined – so much that it borders on becoming an art. The data analyst sitting in a dark corner of your office, has the potential to grow into your workplace Picasso!

The notion of investing in BI still struggles to gain enterprise acceptance. Some businesses fail to see its importance while others waste countless hours on their eye-reddening spreadsheets, which only manage to deliver mediocre results. A few others who appreciate its importance rely on internal IT departments and expensive tools to draw out simple analytics.

With this scenario in mind, Tableau Software was founded in 2004. Today it is one of the leading global business intelligence and analytics software vendors. The secrets to its success are its ease of use and rapidity; one can find answers to critical business decisions within minutes and without the need to depend on IT experts. With a few clicks anyone can connect to data and visualise it in charts that are more eye pleasing and comfortable to understand than endless rows of data.

Tableau Software is the newest addition to iMovo’s broad complement of visualisation tools aimed at helping companies tap into their data gold mine and develop powerful insights that enable management to take fact-based decisions and develop the right business strategies for growth. If you’re interested in learning how you can tap into your data gold mine, just get in touch.