Zendesk and Google Play: Turning Reviews Into Tickets

App reviews are critical to the success of apps on mobile platforms, and can often make or break newcomers to the platform. The better the star rating on your app, the more likely it is that a user will consider your app over the competition.

Providing feedback to user reviews of your app is a fantastic way to develop an element of user loyalty and will reflect positively on one’s support operation. By adding Google Play Reviews as a channel, Zendesk has provided as an easy and quick way to manage and reply to customer reviews, will extending its excellent customer support platform to another aspect of mobile.

Your Zendesk can be extended to Google Play Reviews by installing a first party app. This will then connect to your Google Play Developer account and a ticket is created for every review posted on your app’s Play Store listing.

Developers can also use the Rate My App feature in Zendesk’s Android SDK to try draw out negative feedback from users before they leave a negative review on the Play Store. The Rate My App feature will allow to you to prompt users for feedback as they’re using the app.

In the mobile world every opinion matters, so make sure they’re all positive! You can check out the Google Play Reviews app on the Zendesk Apps Marketplace here, read more about a Google Play Reviews here, and check out Rate My App and the Android SDK here and here.