iMovo announces new partnership with Planday

iMovo, today announced its partnership with Planday, the online platform that helps businesses manage the logistics of their staff. With Planday, shift-based companies can easily create and share a schedule, communicate with employees, and handle HR processes.

Three reasons why the human touch still matters to customers

In the digital era, convenience, speed and accuracy are kings. Today’s customers don't have to call you in the middle of the night to know more about your product. All they have to do is access your website and collect the information for themselves. At the end of the day, we are still human and automation or digital platforms can never replace that completely. In fact, here are some reasons why businesses still need to incorporate the human touch in the way they serve customers.

BI Analytic Tools Help Business Organisations

Business organisations have been collecting customer data since time immemorial; whether on clay tablets, papyrus and subsequently paper. With the advent of computerisation most business organisations found themselves maintaining electronic systems designed and built to store and accumulate ever-growing amounts of raw customer data. Due to the way computer applications were then designed, it was not always easy to aggregate different systems, and the data they respectively stored, in an attempt to construct a single, unified, view of the customer.

Business Discovery – Business Intelligence Made Relevant

Business Intelligence has been evolving , like many other areas of technology, new entrants are challenging the status quo and have been fuelling a new paradigm in the way BI is used and deployed in ever smaller organisations...

Promoting Education and Social Integration – iMovo Ltd. helps residents of Dar Osanna Pia realise their potential.

At iMovo, we are aware of the challenges that people less fortunate than ourselves and perhaps unable to live safely in their own country, face. It is for this reason, that as a responsible corporate citizen, iMovo has chosen to focus its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities on Education and Social Integration.

The need for Competitive Intelligence 

Competitive intelligence is an integral part of a company's decision-making process. It is the act of collecting and analysing information about competitors and the marketplace with the intention of forming a business strategy. Competitive intelligence is more than simply analysing the competitor. It involves learning about the company's external environment. It embraces the entire environment that involves competitors, distributors, customers, technologies, and macroeconomic data. 

iMovo Limited welcomes GO Plc CEO, Mr Nikhil Patil

It was a pleasure to have recently hosted Mr Nikhil Patil, the CEO of GO Plc at our offices. During the visit, Mr Patil met with key executives as well as the Chairman of iMovo, Ing Philip Micallef and was given a briefing of iMovo’s current local and foreign operations, as well as an in-depth brief as to the nature of the services of the company and its key goals for the future.

How the IoT will change Customer Service

The key objective of technological advancement is to minimize human effort as much as possible. Isn’t that why we have machines in our home? The refrigerator stores our food and keeps it fresh. The TV entertains us. The washing machine helps keep our clothes clean.  

AI and its impact on the workplace 

Is the technological progress and Artificial Intelligence really a cause for concern at the pace of work? Will robots take our jobs?

Ten Tethered Red Balloons (Part 1)

As a company specialising in Customer Experience Management (CEM), a field of client analysis that encompasses the relatively modern medium of social networks, there is one particular question that we, at iMovo, get asked more often than any other.  This question revolves around the hype of social media and this is where the story of the ten red balloons starts.

Visualising the World Cup 2018 predictions with Tableau

The World Cup has come and gone, 4 weeks of back-to-back games resulting in a culmination of the 2 best teams playing it out for the trophy. As with many companies nowadays, the iMovians wanted to get in on the World Cup action and submitted their predictions for the entire tournament from the Group stages all the way until the Final.

Betting on Customer Support: Zendesk and iGaming

Quick, easy, and effective constitute the cornerstone of any successful business; however, they take on a greater importance in the highly competitive and impulse-driven iGaming industry. Let's take a look at two Zendesk features that can turbocharge iGaming customer support.

And How Can I Assist You Today, Sir?

What are Chatbots? How do they work? Discover how Facebook Messenger and Zendesk are using chatbots to help businesses enrich their customers’ journeys.

The Zen of Social Customer Support

That the “the customer is always right” continues to haunt the corporate world to the delight to customers who seek to get the best out their hard-earned money. But it is progressively getting worse in the age of personal mass communication as customers easily resort to digital and social media if they don’t get it immediately right...