iMovo and Salesforce partner up for another successful event

iMovo, a leader in Customer Experience Management (CEM) recently organised a seminar titled, ‘Supercharge your business: Find, Win and Keep your customers’ in collaboration with Salesforce, the world’s number one CRM platform.

The event brought together CxO-level professionals, senior executives, directors, IT and Sales & Marketing professionals from a broad spectrum of local and foreign companies, looking to learn more about Salesforce and how businesses use CEM to manage their contacts, track opportunities and enhance their customer support.

Hadrian J. Sammut, iMovo’s Chief Officer, Projects and Advisory shared a real-life case study of a recent project undertaken by iMovo on behalf of a client, to underline how business organisations, who typically implement a CEM solution, often tend to do so primarily in order to address some ongoing corporate issue. However, over time, these same organisations start to recognise the value of exploiting the solution as a platform, to address factors that can introduce efficiency and business value. The challenge is often less technical, than realising the potential of a CEM solution within distinct business areas.

Dr. Manfred Galdes, Managing Director at A|R|Q Risk & Compliance was also present a guest speaker, to give the attendees a brief analysis of the legal impacts of GDPR and how this affects the way businesses will be expected to process their data. Darren Mercieca, iMovo’s Salesforce Line Advisor went on to highlight the changes which Salesforce themselves are implementing to facilitate and help their customers comply with GDPR.

Commenting on the event, Pierre Mallia, Managing Director at iMovo said, “CRM is hard work. It requires discipline, team buy-in and creativity. This event highlighted how companies can radically up their game. Platforms such as Salesforce can help them work better, quicker and not only predict but grow their revenue in the most efficient way possible.”

The event ended with a networking lunch and 1:1 sessions with iMovo’s product specialists: Javier and Darren, who dealt with questions from clients and gave demos to companies interested in implementing Salesforce.

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