Tips to get your business AI-ready 

If you, like many other people think that artificial intelligence is yet another fad that will die out, you are wrong. AI has already infiltrated many areas of our lives. From manufacturing to healthcare, almost all major industries are using AI in some form or another. Researchers eulogize AI as the technology of the future. Many believe that rapid adoption of AI will hold the key to improving customer satisfaction. As consumer expectations rise, intelligent chatbots and AI-driven advanced manufacturing processes will go mainstream. To help ensure seamless adoption, we, in this post, impart a few tips to get your business AI-ready.  

 Educate your top management on AI  

First things first, you need to educate your senior management on AI and its potential. Invite AI experts to deliver lectures on the technology or attend AI conferences. Take things slow and allow your managers to grasp concepts at their own pace. In the initial stages, your focus must be to shape a mindset around the core principles of AI.  

Every change is met with resistance. To manage resistance to change, educate your employees on the benefits of AI and how it would help simplify their professional lives (the benefits of which would spill into their personal lives). Introduce basic concepts around AI.  

Identify the problems that AI can help you solve  

AI can help perform a range of tasks, however, it should not be seen as a panacea for all problems. To identify which problems AI can help you solve, list all problems that your business is experiencing and then visualize how AI process automation can help address these issues. Think about ways in which you can leverage AI to add capabilities to your products/services.  

 Talk to managers from different departments to find out which processes need to be automated. Define your problems. Ensure they have a clearly demarcated objective, as an AI model cannot be implemented to solve vague problems.  

Set up a pilot project  

Once your business is geared towards AI, set up an expert team to design and execute a pilot project, which should not take more than 2-3 months. Once the pilot project is complete, you will have answers to different questions such as whether the value proposition makes sense for your business and what are the goals that you need to focus on.  

When building and integrating your AI system, take one step at a time. Apply AI to a small sample of data and focus on specific and discrete functions.  


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