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Why your small business needs Big Data Analytics

As a small business, you’re bound to be apprehensive about a lot of things. Big data analytics is likely to be one of those, and it’s completely understandable. You’re small and you think that you simply cannot afford to invest in something that seems exclusive to enterprises. Well, here’s the good news – that’s not the situation anymore.  

AI trends we are expecting in 2018 

2018 is here and we already experienced a deluge of articles and blogs that discuss the various technological trends for this year. This got us curious about what we could expect in the AI (Artificial Intelligence) sector during the year so we set out to determine exactly that. This article explains three things you can expect in the AI sector in 2018.

How retailers can convert big data into smart data

The internet and cloud services have facilitated the world of big data and storage. Organisations nowadays also have the computing power to process this data.

However, big data is useful only when its smart data and for that to happen, retailers need to organize and break down the data into its finer parts. Read this blog for tips on how this can be done.

Customer Service and AI: What we can expect in 2018

Artificial Intelligence is perceived as the ultimate weapon in a business’s arsenal. The average enterprise hopes to see more automation, streamlined processes, worker augmentations and profitable insights. On the whole, AI promises to make life easier for businesses and customers alike.Members of the board are dreaming about the massive benefits that AI can bring to their business. However, it’s not all rainbows and butterflies.

Big Data trends for 2018

We all know Big Data is a big deal. That’s something that we’ve already established in the last two years. But, how is big data going to influence the way we do business in 2018? Well, here are some big data trends to watch out for that are likely to dominate the business landscape.

The business value of Chatbots

We’ve come a long way from picking up the phone to simply sending a message via a messaging app. Therefore businesses need to realize that we’ve reached an era of fast follow-ups and messaging is the only method that can meet the requirement. Now there is a system which can keep the customer engaged in real-time and provide more value than a traditional email or phone call. This is called a Chatbot.

Establishing a Business Intelligence Strategy: What to Do

We live in a time where terms like “business intelligence” and “big data” are pretty much running the show. The reason for this is quite simple. Businesses have reached a point where they cannot forge ahead without any real insight into the data they collect. 
In order to ensure that the adoption pays off, businesses need to have a plan or strategy in place. So, if you’re a business that’s looking to adopt a business intelligence solution or even trying to migrate to a new one, here are a few tips that can help smooth out the process and guarantee positive results.

Implementing CRM Successfully: Things to Consider

Implementing a CRM system into your business infrastructure can be quite the task. Plus, the statistics tell us that the failure rate is quite high, which isn’t exactly encouraging. However, there’s no need to give up hope. Plenty of businesses have managed to get CRM implementation right and you can too. The trick is to make the right considerations.

Personalise your relationship with Zendesk Message

Zendesk Message is designed to integrate support on popular messaging apps. This is the next step in the evolution of customer support. It is a new customer messaging product that helps companies engage customers on their favourite messaging apps, like Facebook and Twitter even outside office hours. Message enables your business to connect with customers on a more personal level and thus keep customers engaged.